Do you have a hard time choosing the right carpet for your home or office? Carpets come into different textures, patterns, and colours. They are woven in a variety of designs and every year a new trend is introduced by the carpet designers. Carpets can act as sound insulation materials. They help in saving less heating energy and they prevent slipping on the floor. Each carpet type is manufactured for a special purpose. For example, soft and fluffy carpets are used for baby rooms and they come into fantastic, colourful designs. So to find out more on the types of carpets for housekeeping and to learn more on how to choose a carpet that is suitable for your household have a look at our explanations.

Types of Carpets

Woolen Carpets

Natural woolen carpets are soft and flexible. The piles in such carpets do not lose shape after continuous stepping and they act as a very good sound resistant material. Also, they are very resistant against stains and dust. Added to that is their effectiveness in saving the heating energy during winter. The bad news is that they are good sources for the accumulation of insects and forming moulds and mildews.

Tile Carpets

Tile carpets are the latest Types of Carpets which come into a variety of geometrical patterns; such as, square, rectangular, diamond, and hexagonal. Their low prices makes tile carpets suitable for different places such as hotels, offices, conference halls as well as households. Also, they can be easily replaced by new patterns.

Artificial Grass Carpets

If you love playing soccer at home or your backyard an artificial grass carpet would be a smart choice. Their colour, special fabrics, and low prices makes you feel as a soccer player playing in a stadium. More importantly, they do not need any mowing every now and then.

Long Pile Carpets

Long pile carpets are so soft that you can trace your footprints on them. They are warm and cozy and extremely suitable for cold climate regions. Therefore, they would be nice for bedrooms and baby rooms.

Carpet Colour

Carpet Fibers

Carpets are not only categorized based on their texture, use, and pattern, they are also classified based on their types of fibers. Besides natural woolen carpets, there are carpets with polyester fibers which are soft as well. You can choose from a variety of colours without being worried about their colours being worn out by time. They are also produced to be environmental-friendly and thus recyclable.  Nylon fibers are the second group of fibers used to produce carpets. Carpets made by nylon fibers are more flexible and they do not buckle or sunken resulting from heavy weights placed on them. The third group are the triexta fibers which are manufactured to absorb less water and to be more resistant to stains. Last but not least are the olefin fibers. They are used for flooring the high traffic areas of the household such as stairs and hallways. This is because, just as triexta fibers, they are also resistant to moisture and stains as well as static electricity. The last group of carpet fibers include acrylic fibers. Carpets made by such fibers are not very popular since they are very sensitive to water and stain. As the result, they wear out very soon.

Carpet Colour

Choosing carpet colour is always a difficult mission to accomplish! The point is that no matter what colour you choose, the carpet colour is always darker than what you will see after carpet installation. This is the result of visual errors which is completely natural. The second point is that when choosing carpet colours take the room space into account. The rule of thumb is that bright colours will make your rooms look bigger and dark colours make your rooms look smaller. If you’re still not sure about choosing the right carpet colours for your rooms a good idea would be to choose from neutral colours such as grey. Neutral colours are easily matched with other cheerful colours at your home. So, the next time you’re going to buy new carpets make sure to look up our suggestions to find out what carpet is best for your household or office.

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