Thanks to James Watt steam has been used in different industries since 300 years ago. Now in the 20th century steam cleaners are used at hospitals, offices and households for a more effective cleaning. Nowadays, they are even used for cleaning and washing fabrics, curtains, clothing and shoes, as well as cleaning tiles, ceramics and wallpapers. Through turning water into steam in a few minutes steam cleaners use steam pressure to clean all germs from the surfaces, even small corners. Using new standards the user can take advantage of fast cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces with 100% safety. Here is what you should know when intending to use steam cleaners at home.

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Types of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners come into three broad types including; handheld, steam vacuum and multi-purpose steam cleaners. Handheld steam cleaners are more appropriate for cleaning doors, walls, sinks, stoves, windows, window glasses, and all those accessible areas at houses and apartments. If you do not have many ceramic or tile floorings at home handled steam cleaners are a good choice for cleaning your apartment.

Steam vacuum cleaners are fast and effective cleaners for your ceramics, tiles, stone and parquet floorings. Such steam cleaners look like a vacuum cleaner with a long handle. If you have a steam vacuum cleaner at home do not use it to clean stoves, surfaces and window glasses. But, in case you would like to spend more on steam cleaners to do most cleaning and washing jobs on you own a multi-purpose steam cleaner will be a very good choice. Using a multi-purpose steam cleaner you can clean any floorings and all the surfaces around you in no time with less energy.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners are also used for cleaning carpets, rugs, furniture, and mattresses. But, usually after steam cleaning by the mentioned steam cleaners there are complaints on the wetness of the washed areas and worn out rug roots and carpet weavings. This is due to the fact that the mentioned steam cleaners are not designed for fast absorption of water and chemicals and deep drying of the washed areas. Industrial carpet steam cleaner machines, on the other hand, provide the consumer with different deep cleaning levels in a short time. To leave you with bright carpets with brilliant colors and a lovely odor, the steam cleaning process starts with vacuuming all the dust from the rugs and carpets. Then, using special non-allergic and non-toxic chemicals, based on the type of carpet or rug the area will be cleaned. On the next level, the item will be deeply washed through adjusting the steam pressure based on the type of carpet or rug. This will prevent mould and mildew growth under the carpets. In this way the carpet cleaners make sure that there are no stains of any type, pet odors, and bacteria left on and inside the area. Also, it will keep those rug and carpet weavings as good as new. So to see your house shinning with beautiful colors get started with steam cleaning.

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