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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

What makes the Best Deal Cleaning unique in Melbourne is using the latest and highest quality product to clean your leather upholstery. Our company’s professional team adopts advanced leather upholstery cleaning, Best Deal Cleaning centre gives a new life to your leather upholstery

Why you should care about your leather furniture cleaning

Leather upholstery is not difficult to care for, but some mistakes can cause irreparable damages. The tricks of washing and drying leather furniture, in this case, are different from fabric sofas and so on. Many conventional ways to clean sofas cannot be applied to delicate leathers. If you have chairs, sofas, and other leather furniture at home, it is crucial to ask for a professional cleaning centre to clean your leather upholstery.

Our leather cleaning process

Inspection and determining your leather type

It is necessary to evaluate and identify the materials used in the leather. Therefore In the preliminary stage, it is essential to consider the materials and implement the appropriate cleaning method accordingly. Don’t worry, the Best Deal Cleaning offers cleaning all kinds of leather. At this stage, we identify and evaluate the types of leather and the type of stains and damages. Once we are sure of the kind of leather. we will use the appropriate method to clean it.


Next, to lower the risk of damaging dust particles when cleaning, we will spray the entire leather surface with the best quality and low-risk materials.

Wiping out

It is essential to wipe the leather surface with a soft sponge to remove any excess dust. This process is done manually through soft sponges that will not damage the leather. Our company will do this step as carefully as possible.


After cleaning the leather, the next step is to use conditioning to expose the leather to high temperatures so that its pores are exposed, and maximum absorption occurs. After this step, to prevent the leather surface from drying out, it is necessary to use a natural oil to soften the leather. This step right after conditioning will help leather to retain its softness for a more extended period

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