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carpet protection

After having your regular carpet cleaning sessions done by your professional cleaning service provider, it is common for them to offer you carpet protection. Sometimes, people usually don’t see the importance of having a carpet protector applied, as households thought that as long as you have a regular carpet cleaning, vacuum and sanitizing is enough for your carpet.

How important is it for you to have your carpets applied with protectors?

Carpet protection is a chemical solution that is applied directly to your carpet, usually after having a professional carpet cleaning and sanitizing. It is applied through spray, dries quickly and commonly odourless. It is also non-toxic and is safe for families and pets. The primary purpose of carpet protector is to act as an invisible shield that repels soil and keep spills from absorbing into your carpet fibres immediately through its chemicals altering the molecular charge on the fibres of your carpet.
It also prevents fading caused by ultraviolet rays for sun-exposed carpets and keeps dirt from sticking to fibres. This makes the carpet easier to be cleaned and care for.

Commonly, there are two types of protection applied in the carpet. These include water-based protection and solvent-based protection. Solvent-based protectors are more expensive but are worth it as it provides extra protection than water-based protectors. It can also resist the damaging effects of abrasion effectively.
Carpet protector must be professionally applied by your trusted carpet cleaner like Best Deal Cleaning to fully achieve the best benefits for your carpet, and to your household as well.

Having a carpet protector means having:

Assurance of durability for your carpet and by using carpet protector will extend the life of your carpet. It will help fibres of your carpet to repel harmful substances such as dirt, mould, bacteria and even water that will help maintain your carpet’s durability.
A durable carpet also calls for an improved appearance for the carpet. Carpet protectors do not only keep stains from getting into your carpet, but this will also preserve your carpet’s look and colour as it forms an individual shield around each fibre. It can also maintain the carpet’s original appearance for a long time.
It also improves the air quality of your indoor household. It is because allergens, moulds and other microorganisms are prevented from staying in carpet’s fibres. These harmful organisms contribute to poor indoor air quality that can cause respiratory ailments, eye irritation, skin irritation and others. It can also help in preventing bad odours from ruining your room from spills and stains stuck in your carpet. These carpet protectors help in keeping your home smelling fresh.

Also, having a carpet protector gives you an easier cleaning experience for dirt such as grease, oil and dry soil. Different types of dirt are hard to clean like acid dyes found from particular food and drinks. These stains, moving deeper into the carpet fibres becomes permanent and impossible to clean. Having a protector can prevent these stains from penetrating in your carpet.
Lastly, and maybe the greater benefit we can have from the list presented by JMS Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne, of having a carpet protector is cost-effectiveness it can bring to you and your family. Your carpet is durable, easy to clean, and in good appearance mean a little chance of replacing your carpet. Replacing carpet can be very expensive. Therefore, to achieve a money-saving initiative through maximizing your carpet’s lifespan, a regular carpet cleaning, sanitation and applying carpet protector must be on your priority list. This is why getting the best service from professionals will save you a lot!
Best deal cleaning Cleaning is your best choice for home and commercial cleaning needs for they provide professional quality services with their years of expertise and experience. Call us now for your carpet cleaning, sanitizing and carpet protection needs for a safer, cleaner and cost-effective household.

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