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Carpet Dry Cleaning

for keep your carpets healthy, it is best to ask for a trusted company. Best Deal Cleaning as a trusted cleaning centre in Melbourne by using modern cleaning equipment presents you with the best cleaning dry carpet services at low prices. We offer carpet Dry cleaning with the best equipment without any damage to the carpet fibres. This method is ideal if you care about the fast time drying and you want to get your carpet as soon as possible. Using this service, you can get your carpet after half an hour. The main reason for the quick cleaning and drying in this method is that instead of using water, we use encapsulation materials to clean the carpet. These materials have a great effect on removing stains and disinfecting carpets. It is better to use this method to remove surface stains on wool carpets carpet and for deep foreign currency stains, the steam method.


Our carpet dry cleaning procedure:

  • Inspection

In any type of cleaning process, the material of the surface should be carefully inspected, and then the appropriate method of washing should be used. Our company has made this performance its top priority. First of all, we pay attention to the type of carpet fibre, and then we use the appropriate method to clean it. By identifying the type of carpet, we will examine the existing stains on the carpet. At this stage, we must make sure that there are no deep stains such as pet urine, and also if it’s been a long time since the carpet has been not cleaned, it is better not to adopt Dry clean it.  

  • Using encapsulation to disinfect

in the next step, we spray the entire surface of the carpet with encapsulation materials and wait for 10 minutes for the material to be completely absorbed by the carpet texture and remove the germs and contaminants.

  • Removing dust through a strong vacuum

The next thing we do is to vacuum the carpet to remove any dust inside the texture. We use the most up-to-date suction devices to remove dust inside the tissue. Use a vacuum cleaner, the dust inside the carpet is pulled in, and the carpet is prepared for cleaning.

  • Removing the stains by a friendly product

Once again, we carefully check that there are no more stains on the carpet, and if any other stains remain, we will remove the stains by using environmentally friendly products. We use detergents that are compatible with the environment and health to clean the carpet and remove any further stain. 

  • Rotary machine

At this stage, we use the CRB TM3 Rotary machine to clean the carpet completely. This machine has two brushes that rotate at the bottom of the machine, and this causes the material to be spread and to clean the carpet.

  • Second Vacuuming

To remove the extra lint accumulated by the rotating machine on the carpet, we sweep the vacuum cleaner again and pull all the lint inside.

  • carpet grooming

carpet grooming is the final stage of using a carpet rake to bring carpet fibre back and forth. Carpet grooming resets the fibre back to its original

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