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Bleach spot repair

yellow bleach spot on carpet

Bleach spot repair

Bleach Stain Repair

You must have experienced bleach stain on your carpets at least once! It's an unpleasant feeling because it creates white spots and destroys the main colour of the carpet! But don't worry; Best Deal Cleaning can bring back the main colour of your carpets like the first day.

Get rid of Bleach stain on your carpets

Bleach stains are one of the worst that can fall on clothing or footwear since they are not only difficult to remove but sometimes it is completely impossible to recover the tissue on which it falls. At Best deal cleaning we want to try to end such stains.

Bleach stain repair at Best deal cleaning

We apply our trained and certified team and exclusive colour matching technology to remove old white stains on your carpet. First, we do a stain removal test on a part of your carpet to make sure we use the right method. There is no worry, we will only use completely safe bleach stain removal methods.


At Best deal cleaning, we repair bleach spots on your carpets to be restored and look beautiful. We have a well-trained team that provides you with high-quality colour restoration services. Our company, with its knowledge, expertise, and a valid certificate from the United States guarantees that the colour of your carpet will be restored. With the technique we have, we first neutralize the bleach spot and then repair the colour of the carpet.


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