Love to have pets at home or are you having one already? Cats, dogs, little puppies or kittens are so cute that almost everyone desires to have one at home. But, no matter how sweet they are you will need to know how to Keeping Clean with Pets at Home as they tend to move around regularly. So if you have a pet at home consider the following cleaning tips to enjoy cuddling them.

Pet Fur

Hypoallergenic carpets are expensive to buy so to decrease the chances of fur and dust dispersion on the carpets and furniture vets highly recommend to wash animals and brush their hair very often. Yet, to pick up pet fur try cleaning the pet hair by your hands. Simply rub your wet hand on the carpet or furniture. In the absence of static electricity the pet fur will be gathered in your hands. Not very effective with shedding pets? If you are frustrated with vacuuming pet hair wrap around an old paint roller to a mop handle. Then, prior to vacuuming, pick up pet hair.  Still, there is a piece of advice by vets. The number of times vacuuming the house depends on the number of family members and number of pets at home. For example, if there are four people living at your home and you have three pets you will have to vacuum the house 7 days of the week. On the contrary, if it is only you and one pet at home vacuuming twice a week will suffice. Another word of advice, buy sofa or couch with smooth surfaces. Smooth fabrics used in such sofa will help with easy pet hair cleaning at home.

wash the pet

Pet Urine

Pet urine is a problem! As the first advice do not use cleaning solutions or sanitizers which have ammonia as its components. This is because the animals’ urines contain ammonia. So, using sanitizers containing such compound will trigger the pets to produce more urine. But, how to clean a urinated carpet or rug? First of all, rub the area with a wet towel to absorb the urine. Then, place a dry towel on the cleaned area. Use a number of  books or stand up on the towel for 10 minutes. This will help in absorbing the moist resulting from using the wet towel. On the second step, pour some water exactly in the center of the urinated area. This will prevent what is left of the urine to be spread around the carpet or rug. Leave it for a minute. On the next step, work the sanitizers containing enzymes or cleaning solutions (you can use a mixture of three to four drops of dishwashing liquid and a cup of warm water) into the area. Be sure to buy sanitizers from the pet shops to prevent any allergic symptoms. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours. Then, clean the sanitizer or the cleaning mixture with a dry towel. Finally, vacuum the area to complete the cleaning job.

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Stains Left by Pets

Often there are stains left from animal urine. To keep the house clean with pets and To clean the stains use a mixture of water and vinegar (two cups of water and one cup of vinegar). Pour the mixture on the stain. Use a paint brush to work it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and clean the area with a dry towel. At the end, to remove pet odors spread baking soda on the area. Leave for one hour and clean afterwards. If you need to use any chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and a large amount of water to clean old stains you would better ask a carpet cleaners to do the cleaning job for you. This is because some chemicals need to be allowed to dry for more than two weeks. So to keep your carpets as beautiful as before let the carpet cleaners handle the job for you.

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