Accidentally spilling red wine onto the carpet floor can leave stains that can be hard to remove. The best intervention is to quickly blot out spilled wine off the carpet to prevent it from further soaking up and staining the fibers. However, red wine stains may go unnoticed and may require professional cleaning to be removed effectively.

Professional Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal:

Ideally, red wine stains must be blotted out using a clean dry towel or tissue as soon as it is spilled onto the carpet. The dry cloth or tissue will absorb the red wine and prevent it from drying out in your carpet, leaving stains. Some easy interventions involve using baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide to remove further traces of the red wine stain on your carpet.

However, cleaning red wine carpet stains yourself may cause damage to your carpet’s fibers, especially when you use bleaching solutions like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. These home cleaning solutions are only recommended for white or very light-colored carpet rugs. These cleaning solutions don’t work well with brightly colored and patterned carpet, as bleaching agents may leave white and faded color spots on your carpet.

Furthermore, these do-it-yourself cleaning procedures do not guarantee effective red wine stain removal even on light colored carpets, especially if these stains have been left for a long time already. Dried red wine stains are more difficult to remove than freshly spilled ones. These home cleaning procedures may also be time-consuming apart from being ineffective.

The most cost-effective option to properly and safely remove red wine stains on your carpet is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do so. Reputable carpet cleaning companies like JMS Carpet Cleaning have the right cleaning products to remove red wine stains on your carpet safely and effectively, without damaging your carpet’s fabric, especially white and faded color spots for brightly patterned carpets. The right cleaning product is going to draw out the pigments causing the stain before it is safely blotted out without damaging or causing discoloration to the stained area.

Red Wine Stain Removal Procedures

Red Wine Stain Removal Procedures

This is a general outline of the steps needed to clean red wine carpet stains professionally.

⦁ Vacuum. The stained area is going to be vacuumed first to remove any surrounding debris and make it easier to clean the area.

0. Steam cleaning. Next, steam cleaning is performed in the stained area to help loosen up the pigmented particles causing the stain. The cleaning product is also applied in this step to speed up the stain removal process. Steam cleaning is a wet cleaning method that is ideal for cleaning red wine stains because the water (moisture) involved in this cleaning process helps loosen and break up the hardened stains off the fabric.

0. Drying. Once the stains have been completely removed, the area is left out to dry.

Removing red wine stains on your carpet improperly may cause discoloration and damage to your carpet. It is best to call the help of a professional carpet cleaning company like JMS Carpet Cleaning to help preserve and clean your carpet from damaging stains.

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