1:How to Remove Ink Stains from Fabric Sofa

1.1: Alcohol use

Yes, the time-honored method of extracting an inky stain is to begin with Rubbing Alcohol.

Rubing alcohol should be used first to remove an extremely heavy dye. Fortunately, rubbing alcohol is safe to use on the fabric of your couch because it does deep cleaning without any damage to the fabric.

1.2: Applicant Instructions

Add some alcohol to a piece of soft fabric. Avoid rubbing the stain; otherwise, the ink will scatter across the couch.

Rubbing vigorously makes cleaning the cloth of the couch much more difficult.

Wipe the stained region with the alcohol-soaked rag.

You will see that the fabric becomes filthy as the stained dye absorbs into it.

When this occurs, dab the stain with another part of the fabric. OR dab the region with another piece of fabric dampened with additional rubbing alcohol.

You will rub the area at this stage, but not excessively. To explain the action, imagine rubbing “inward”. Start at the edges and work your way in slowly to the middle to avoid spreading the stain deeper through the cloth.

You’ll want to apply some pressure while simultaneously holding the couch to prevent the cloth from moving.

The couch stain will be removed. Indeed, no more marks would be visible. At this point, you can dampen another cloth with water and wipe the area clean, allowing the fabric of your sofa to dry.

NOTE 1: Since this is the most efficient process, avoid pouring alcohol directly on the stain, since this would damp the surface of the sofa and make blotting the stained region impossible.

NOTE 2: Before dabbing the alcohol on the stain, test a part of the couch. IF THE FABRIC DOES NOT React TO THE ALCOHOL, CONTINUE CLEANING THE STAINED Spot.

1:How to Remove Ink Stains from Fabric Sofa

2:Using Vinegar to Remove Ink Stains from a Fabric Sofa

Many article discussed how to disinfect a stain with pure white vinegar. However, the formula has been modified for your sofa.

Removing ink from some fabric poses a slight problem. As a result, removing the stain with pure white vinegar would fail.


  • 1 tbsp. Dish Soap Liquid
  • 2 tbsp. Vinegar Blanc
  • 250 milliliters (250 milliliters) of water

2.3:The Solution’s Usage:

  • Wet a soft cloth in the vinegar solution you just made.
  • Using your soft cloth drenched in the vinegar solution, dab the ink stain spot.
  • By collecting the dye, the fabric would get dirty. Utilize another part of the fabric to dab the dye. If the fabric gets discolored from excessive dabbing, replace it with another piece of cloth.
  • After cleaning the cloth. Allow 10 minutes for your damp sofa’s cloth to dry.
  • Then, using a damp rag, wipe the area clean.

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1:Steps to Remove Ink Stains

It is impossible to avoid the fact that, no matter what pen you use, ink will leak on your clothes. It won’t be the end of the universe if you have ink stains on your clothes. Your favorite shirt, top, or pair of pants is likely still salvageable.

1:Steps to Remove Ink Stains

1.1: Ink Stain Removal Instructions

The trick to washing ink stains out of clothing is to treat the dye right before you wash it. Do not put a stained object directly into the washing machine. The stain is put onto the cloth after the wash and the dryer and is much harder to clean.

Remove the object and lay it flat while you have the ink on your clothes so you can focus on the stain. This is critical: The first step is to take absorbent paper towels or a previous soft towels or a disposable towel and place it underneath the stained area. Next, you’ll need something which can be used to apply the liquid.

To remove it, then apply the stain to the outer part, then wipe with a somewhat moist (but not wet) one or dry paper towel until you have removed all of it. Should not rub it! This just expands the stain and allows it to act more deeply into the fibres, even if it is the industrial stain remover, such as Amodex.

Remove as much of the stain as possible with a blotting motion. After that, wash the garment in a washing machine using a regular laundry detergent. Hand wash in warm water.

Once the object has been washed, inspect the stain before placing it in the dryer. If it persists, repeat the injection and then shower.

  1. Using Household Products to Remove Ink Stains

If you’re in a pinch, there are some household choices that can come in handy if you don’t have access to an off-the-shelf ink and stain remover. However, Amodex Ink and Stain Remover is our first option for removing fresh and dried ink stains.

2.1 Drinking water

There are also rollerball and fountain pen writers’ inks out there that use water-based ink, so you can try that first. This will aid in dilution and lifting of the ink.

2.2 Spray-on hairspray

This was formerly the most often recommended method for extracting ink from clothes. Spray it directly on the stain and take several minutes for it to sink in. The hairspray’s alcohol content would remove the paint. Regrettably, hairspray nowadays uses so little alcohol.

2.3 Surgical Spirit/Alcohol for Rubbing

Similar to hairspray, but more focused, and potentially one of the best household items for cleaning ballpoint pen ink stains that you might have on hand.

2.4 Dish Detergent Liquid

Gently spread it over the stain’s surface and allow it to work for several minutes. The detergent contains a surfactant that penetrates between the ink and the fiber, making it easier to remove the ink while blotting or washing.


The carbonic acid in Coke will assist in dissolving the ink, making it easier to remove. Naturally, normal carbonated water can function as well.

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