The carpet remains a welcome piece of furniture, despite the abundance of a variety of modern floor coverings. It is pleasant to walk on the carpet barefoot; children love to play on it; in the end – carpets just make the room more comfortable. One drawback – any carpet gets dirty quickly and requires regular and thorough maintenance.
In this article, we share tips on how to quickly and effectively clean the carpet at home, as well as get rid of various stains and unpleasant odours with your own hands.

How to clean your carpet to get the result:

Carpets are cleaned dry with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. However, even such frequent cleaning will not free them of all the absorbed dust. Also, some of the finely dispersed dust will get into the room air. Therefore, cleaning must be carried out with an open window or window, and after its completion, do not close them for some time.
Professional vacuum cleaners with turbo brush are preferable to conventional vacuum cleaners. They are equipped with an aqua filter that reduces the number of allergens in the air.
Vacuum cleaner filters should be changed or washed as often as recommended by the instructions. Otherwise, they will turn into additional sources of secondary air pollution.

How to clean your carpet to get the result:
Damp carpet treatment can result in mould and harmful bacteria. Therefore, they spend it outside in the summer on a sunny day. Brush, use a cleaning agent and plenty of water. Then it is dried on both sides. The procedure is time-consuming.
The answer to the question of how to wash a carpet is obvious. It is possible to wash a small thin rug, but it is impossible to cope with washing a large carpet on your own. The thing could be ruined forever. The consequences of washing will lead to disastrous results, up to the process of decomposition of the pile and base due to the appearance of fungus or mould in a thing that is not completely dry.
Yet: how to clean the carpet efficiently? It is better to entrust the cleaning of the carpet to a professional dry cleaner. They use special equipment and guarantee high results. They have vacuum cleaning in their arsenal; they also use vibrating devices. Specialists will recognize the origin of the stain and will choose the correct way to remove it. The problem of removing the smell from the carpet will also be successfully solved, whatever the reason for its appearance. A regular professional cleaning will prolong the life of your rugs and preserve their beauty.

How to remove odour from carpet and remove stains with baking soda:

Without waiting for the carpet to be dry-cleaned, you can start removing the unpleasant odour and stains on it using the time-tested method – baking soda. The advantage of cleaning the carpet with baking soda is that it is safe and accessible to everyone. Soda is a simple answer to the rather difficult question of removing a stain from a carpet. It turns out two effects in one package. Before treating the carpet with soda, it must be vacuumed on both sides.
Soda is diluted with water to a gruelling state, applied to the right place on the carpet. Cleaned after 15 minutes, dry the place with dry paper towels, if necessary, additionally with a hairdryer. Wet cleaning with soda is carried out no more than once a year.

How to remove odour from carpet and remove stains with baking soda

Soda is poured onto the problem area of ​​the carpet with a rather thick layer. In a glass beaker, hydrogen peroxide is mixed in half with water, a teaspoon of the powder is poured. Stir with a wooden stick, pour into a spray bottle, spray with soda. After two hours:

  • Remove the remaining soda.
  • Wipe the place with a damp cloth.
  • Dry it with a hairdryer.
    Soda is mixed in equal proportions with fine salt, scattered over the carpet. After about an hour, sweep with a clean broom from the edges to the centre, clean, vacuum.

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