Carpet cleaning is one of the most hectic jobs you will come across. If you are living in Melbourne and you are having a lot of issues in searching for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. You don’t need to worry now, as we are going to share some really easy tips so that you can clean your carpets by yourself. So,

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 jump to the Top 5 Tips for Carpet Cleaning:

  • Using CLUB SODA. It is always scary to see a boor or a wine stain on your carpet. Using Club Soda is the best way to get rid of the tough beer and wine stains. Just spray some drops of club soda on to the beer or wine stain and wipe it out. You have to repeat the process till the stain gets released, then just rinse it out with some cloth dipped in warm water and your carpet will be back to its brand new look.
  • Using Shaving Cream. General stains can be really messy sometimes. However, if you want to get rid of some tough stains using the Do-It-Yourself way, you just have to apply some shaving cream on to the stain and let is set for 30 minutes. Once it has set, remove it out with some clean cloth and it will bolt out the stain and you will get rid of the stain very easily.
  • Ironing: It is very tough to remove wax marks, thus the need to apply heat and pressure. You just have to place a paper towel over the wax mark and just iron over the paper towel. The wax will melt and bind over the paper towel and your carpet will be wax free. This is the best method to remove any kind of wax mark.
  • Greece cutting Detergent: Removing stubborn marks is really a tough thing to deal with. But with this next tip, you need not to worry about any breed of carpet stain. You will just need grease cutting detergent. Just apply or spray a generous amount of detergent over the mark or stain. Then, wait for the detergent to reach the root surface of the carpet or mattress. Once it is done, wipe it with some water dipped clean cotton cloth.
  • Dealing with Chewing Gum: Dealing with Chewing Gum can be really a nightmare. But you can bolt it up with this super easy tip. You just have to grab some ice cubes and freeze the piece of chewing gum for 30-40 seconds. Once it is frozen, lift it up with some solid material like spoon or knife etc. Just follow these steps and worry no more about the bubble gum stain in the future.

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These are the 5 easy tips to clean your carpet by yourself. All the material used to perform these tips will be easily available in Melbourne. Just always remember to follow all the instructions. However, if you find any difficulty or want to know more about the Carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you can contact us on our website

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