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Remove Pet Urine Stain

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Remove Pet Urine Stain

Pets bring us joy and companionship at home. However, having pets at home also comes with responsibilities like ensuring sanitation for your pet’s health and the family. When you have carpet flooring at home, your pet may accidentally pee on the carpet and cause pet urine stains that cause bacterial growth and odor. It’s important to get your carpets professionally cleaned for pet urine at least once a month or as often as needed.

Pet Urine Crystals   Every time your pet pees on the carpet, urine crystals are formed on the carpet’s fibers after it dries up. Since pets also tend to pee on the same spot again, the urine crystals can accumulate over time. Urine crystals cause stains, bacterial growth, and odor on your carpet. When left untreated, pet urine stains will attract mold and pests that bring in more germs into your home, since molds and pests thrive in damp and dirty areas. Your pet and your family’s health are at risk, especially as bacteria spread around the urine-stained carpet.  Pet urine crystals are difficult to remove because they can seep through the carpet’s fibers and are not easily broken down by ordinary cleaning solutions. JMS Carpet Cleaning, however, uses the most advanced pet urine cleaning technology that effectively eliminates up to 99.9% of pet urine odors and up to 99.2% of harmful pet urine bacteria in carpets. It has been scientifically tested and proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in carpet stains caused by pet urine. It is the best pet urine cleaning technology available today, unrivaled in its effectiveness and quality.  It works by breaking up stubborn urine crystals that are embedded in your carpet fibers. As these hardened urine crystals are broken down, odor-causing bacteria and stains are also dissolved in the process. Once the chemicals have completely exploded all remaining urine crystals left, the cleaning process is done with virtually no trace of any pet urine stains and odor.  Your professional cleaning crew will use an ultraviolet (UV) scanner to detect urine stains in your carpet that are invisible to the naked eye. Your cleaning crew will take not of these infected areas where the cleaning product will be applied. Prior to that, your crew may do an initial carpet cleaning to help loosen up urine crystals. Pre-cleaning also helps the product to be absorbed better. Once the cleaning is done, the chemicals are applied to the target areas and left to soak the area for 24-36 hours.   Avoid getting near the cleaned area and disrupting the removal process. Once the product has been completely absorbed and has eliminated urine crystals, your carpet is now free from contaminants and can be safely used again.  Professional pet urine removal is an ideal option for effectively removing urine stains and odor and keep your carpet clean and fresh. JMS Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne uses state-of-the-art cleaning technology, the best and unrivaled pet urine stain removal method available today. Contact us for a free quotation today!

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