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How To Clean Floor Tiles Properly 2

How To Clean Floor Tiles Properly

How To Clean Floor Tiles Properly 2

Cleaning and caring tile and grout may seem an overwhelming chore. However, there are some tips and trick to keep your tile and grout clean in a simple way. Here are some great tips to clean and protect your prized tiles and grout.

 Sweep daily As it is said: “The best defense is offense.” The more you keep the floor clean, it lasts longer and looks brighter. Because sand and grit can scratch the surface, it is a good habit to clean spills and dirt immediately after they happened. You can use a microfiber dust mop for that. This takes just a few minutes and prevents dust and dirt from sitting on your floor,You should include sweeping the tiles in your daily plan. For example, it is recommended to sweep a ceramic floor right after you finish dinner.

Vacuum frequently Vacuum cleaners are not just for carpets, they suck dirt and germs from the bare floor too. Pull out the vacuum cleaner once or twice a week and remove sand and dirt from the tiles. Just make sure that it has enough suction. Cheap or weak vacuum cleaners will blow up the dust rather than sucking it up. You should also use a vacuum cleaner anytime a footprint or pile of dirt appears on the floor. If you have pets, you have to vacuum regularly to get rid of that floating hairs.

Keep the floor dry Even a small spill of liquid such as water, coffee or juice can attract dirt and soak into the floor. So dry up the tiles as soon as possible. Use a rug or a microfiber mop for that. Don’t forget to dry the floor after you rinse and mop the floor to remove any residue so that it doesn’t draw more dirt and grime.

Put rugs or mats in high traffic areas To protect the floor from tear and wear, place mats or rugs where the foot traffic is high. Putting a doormat at the entry will absorb the outside dust and prolong the lifespan of the floor. You can also put slippers at the door and ask everyone to change their shoes at the entryway to keep the tiles clean.To help the water splashes from soaking into the tile, add a mat or rug in front of the sink in the kitchen.

Try a dry mop first It is easier to clean tiles with a dry mop than a wet one. The fact is a dry mop is usually enough for daily dusting a ceramic floor. Remove the dirt from the floor using a dry cotton or microfiber mop first. It is effective, especially in low traffic areas. If the germs or stains persist, using a full-wet mop should be your next weapon.

Remove Stains The best time to treat a spill is as it happens. To remove coffee, tea or juice stains wash with hot water and detergent then blob with hydrogen peroxide. Wash grease stains with club soda or a commercial floor cleaner. For ink spills soak a cloth in diluted bleach and put it on the stain. Wait until the stain vanishes, then rinse completely with water.

Always rinse with water Always rinse the floor with water when you finished moping,This removes any cleaner residue from the floor The same rule applies to treating a spill After you treated a stain wipe the surface with a wet cloth to make sure nothing is going to soak into the tile.

Be careful with furniture Heavy furniture can scratch the surface of the tile increasing the possibility of dirt attraction. If you place furniture on the tile, put little pads under their legs to prevent them from sliding and scratching the surface.

Avoid bleaches and other strong cleaners Do not use bleach it or harsh chemicals for cleaning a ceramic floor as it may harm the floor as well as your health, Even the light bleaches can erode tile and grout over the time. Strong chemicals and cleaners should be left for professionals.

It is best to hire a professional to clean your tile and grout every few months. They equipped with special tools and educated to work with chemicals that otherwise can not be used at home. In addition, to ensure that the floor is thoroughly cleaned they employ a multi-step process. If your floor is extremely old or dirty you can benefit from getting a professional cleaning.

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